Cape Henlopen

We moved to Delaware last summer and we were so excited to explore and find our new favorite spot for outdoor adventures. It didn't take us long to find it! Only about twenty minutes down the road from our house is Cape Henlopen State Park. It is absolutely perfect for a family day out! Each and every time we visit we find a new place to explore. It has a long fishing pier that the kids love to run down and see the lighthouse or the the Cape May Ferry floating by. We haven't gone fishing but it's on the list. The cape has a number of sandy beaches where we hunt for seashells and pretty pebbles. There are paths throughout the park for hiking and biking and even horseback riding. Just be sure to look at the map or your one mile hike will turn into three miles! The paths go from the forest full of pines to marshes with streams and ponds down to the beach. One thing I never knew about Delaware was that it was prepared for invasion during WWII, Historic Fort Miles is a very interesting place to explore for any history buff. They have the watch towers, barracks, and weapons all there to view and explore. The last time we went to Cape Henlopen we went to Herring Point which is at the end of the Delaware Bay. Verity and Charlie really loved the rock walls and watching the waves crash and splash. Verity is a climber and it took her no time to climb the rocks and look at the beautiful view. If you wait around long enough you might even spot a dolphin! You don't have to travel far for family adventures and we love to take advantage of that.