Hannah and Shannon: Maternity Session

Y'all!! I love, love, love this session and this couple! It was a beautiful day in November at one of my favorite spots ever, The Virginia State Arboretum. I like to sneak in sessions with old friends while I'm back in Virginia and I'm thrilled it worked out to meet up with Hannah and Shannon. These two are a dream couple and you can just see their love for one another and their sweet baby boy. I'm so excited to finally share these photos with you all! :)  

November Mini Sessions: Part 1

November was a very busy month for me with a bunch of mini sessions which was amazing! I am so grateful for all the people trusting me to capture this time in their lives. Since I had so many sessions it would be too much to make an individual post for each family or even one big blog post for them all so I will be breaking them up into two parts to share with you all! All of these were on a beautiful Saturday in November at The Green in Dover (one of my favorite spots!) All of these families were so sweet and each brought their own style and personality. It was quite busy but the afternoon flew by. The fall colors stayed around and I was thrilled! These pictures are bright, colorful, and happy which is what I always hope for in my photos.

Day Family

This session was awesome! It was really cold but we kept busy. We got a few pictures in then let little Savannah lead the way and she found some great spots for the photos like a wood pile surrounded by pines! I couldn't have chosen better myself.  We got her climbing, throwing leaves, looking at brids, making a new dog friend, swinging between her mom and dad, and getting thrown up high in the sky. The Day family was so sweet, fun, and full of joy. It was such a pleasure working with them :)

Mini Session: Hargrove Family

I just love this beautiful family! Beth is a wonderful friend and when she asked for a mini session I was thrilled. I was a little worried that the cold would cause us some issues but they slowly added layers throughout the session and the pictures have such a cozy look to them. I hope you love these as much as I do! 

Hancock Family

Family beach pictures in November! Who would have thought? We had been trying to get these photos done since August but it ended up storming every single time we had planned to meet. I'm so glad it finally worked out because this family was wonderful! And since it was November the beach and pier were empty. Hooray for lovely weather and beautiful people!

Mini Session: Welicka Siblings

So. Much. Personality. These three were a blast to work with! It was a very high energy shoot and the thirty minutes flew by. They were all so sweet and polite and I am happy the pictures captured that. I'm looking forward to working with them again! 

Mini Session: Maaziah and Maejor

These two! They were so sweet and incredibly well behaved and, of course, adorable! Maaziah had a smile on his face the entire time while also helping to get his little brother to smile, too! If all my sessions were this easy my job would be made. I hope you enjoy these handsome boys' smiles and dimples as much as I do! 

Mini Session: The McDaniel Family

I had a blast with handsome little Auggie and his awesome parents! The weather was perfect, the fall colors were fabulous, and we got a lot done in our short time together. And just look at these beautiful blue eyes! 

Baby Paul: At Home

I love lifestyle photos and baby cuddles so this shoot was wonderful! We took the pictures at the Smith home and it was all very relaxed and fun. You can see how much love Emily and Steven have for Paul in these pictures and I love capturing that! Paul was perfect the whole time and ,of course, so adorable! 

Koch Family

After taking a bit of time off for summer travels I got back to work with this fun family! They were so full of energy and very loving with one another. I had a great time capturing these. We took these pictures in Downtown Dover and as always it was a beautiful back drop.

Lunghi Family

I am so excited to share these pictures! This had to be one of my favorite sessions. I have been friends with Melisa and Dominic for years. I was so thrilled when they asked me to take their family pictures because they are the most adorable family. Wren and Nico were amazing and had us laughing the whole time! I hope you all love these photos as much as I do!

Shunk Family

These lovely folks are our neighbors! They moved here not long ago and wanted family pictures at their new house. It's beautiful home and they are a beautiful family! I had a blast capturing these pictures for them. When we were done they came over and we drank. That's how all photo shoots should end! 


Verity and I went this past Sunday to the beach as the sun was starting to set. She put on her flower crown and we got some pictures. I'm in love with these! They capture her personality. She is both strong and sweet at the same time. She is also the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I hope these are pictures she will love to look back on when she's older. I know I will!

Pearson Family

I met up with this adorable family at the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park. It was such beautiful weather! The two boys were so well behaved especially since all they really wanted to do was run out into the waves! Aren't they the cutest?!

Williamsburg: Weekend Family Trip

I have such happy memories of family trips to Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg. It is practically against the law to not go to both places at some point if you have ever lived in Virginia. Obviously, with all the moving around we have done recently it has been many years since we have gone. When I realized Williamsburg was only a four hour drive away from our home here in Delaware I started planning our family trip down there. It didn't disappoint! This was the kids' first time there and they had an absolute blast. It was just a wonderful, fun family weekend that I know will be added to my other happy memories of Williamsburg.

Reyna Family: Mother's Day Session

I met up with this adorable family in Downtown Dover at The Green. It is so pretty there with all the historic old brick buildings and the sunlight was just perfect! The three kids were so well behaved especially considering it was 90 degrees and not at all comfortable. I love the happiness and the mother's love these pictures show. I was thrilled to capture these sweet moments for an amazing mama! 

Emily and Steven: Maternity Pictures

I met Emily very briefly in Germany last year before we moved to Delaware. Earlier this year I found out she was moving here too! They arrived in Delaware last month and she asked me to take her maternity pictures.  Since we are so close to the beach it was the natural choice for the location. There was rain in the forecast so we hurried down to Herring Point and the weather behaved while we were there. I loved capturing these pictures! Emily definitely has that mama-to-be glow and so much joy. She and Steven are going to be absolutely amazing parents! 

Tompkins Family

I'm so excited to share these pictures with you! This is my sister's adorable family. They recently bought a home and this location is right down the road. It was a beautiful spring day in Virginia with the sun shining and the red bud blooming all over. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

Cape Henlopen

We moved to Delaware last summer and we were so excited to explore and find our new favorite spot for outdoor adventures. It didn't take us long to find it! Only about twenty minutes down the road from our house is Cape Henlopen State Park. It is absolutely perfect for a family day out! Each and every time we visit we find a new place to explore. It has a long fishing pier that the kids love to run down and see the lighthouse or the the Cape May Ferry floating by. We haven't gone fishing but it's on the list. The cape has a number of sandy beaches where we hunt for seashells and pretty pebbles. There are paths throughout the park for hiking and biking and even horseback riding. Just be sure to look at the map or your one mile hike will turn into three miles! The paths go from the forest full of pines to marshes with streams and ponds down to the beach. One thing I never knew about Delaware was that it was prepared for invasion during WWII, Historic Fort Miles is a very interesting place to explore for any history buff. They have the watch towers, barracks, and weapons all there to view and explore. The last time we went to Cape Henlopen we went to Herring Point which is at the end of the Delaware Bay. Verity and Charlie really loved the rock walls and watching the waves crash and splash. Verity is a climber and it took her no time to climb the rocks and look at the beautiful view. If you wait around long enough you might even spot a dolphin! You don't have to travel far for family adventures and we love to take advantage of that.